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    Synergy Hair
    1881 Mt. Zion Road
    York, PA 17406

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    Why are we offering an affiliate Program?

    Up to 15% of the US population suffers from allergies and 31% suffer adverse effects to fragrance.  Our products are serving thousands of clients who suffer with allergies, chemical sensitivities or other health-related issues, but we want to reach more clients. For this we need your support. We look forward to your building the Synergy Hair care products among people known to you. And support you along the way.

    What are the website or business requirements?

    Synergy only accepts affiliates with compatible products, services or missions to Synergy’s hypoallergenic and gluten-free hair care products. For example, companies that sell clothing would not be compatible or our products, but a site that sold gluten-free foods would be.

    What type of affiliate programs do you offer?

    Earn commissions if you have a website:

    Synergy will provide you with an unique URL and/or image to place on your website from which your visitors can click to find our products. When product is purchased, you will receive a 15% referral fee on the order (excluding shipping and sales tax).

    Or join as a referral affiliate:

    If you do not have a website, you will receive a coupon code to give your clients a 5% discount on their purchase. In return, we will give you a 10% referral fee for their purchase. 

    What do affiliates earn?

    ·         Base Commission: 15% on sales, 10% on referrals
    ·         Commission Type: Cost per sale (CPS)
    ·         Payment Method: Check
    ·         Payment threshold: $25.00 (commission that must be earned to trigger payment)
    ·         Payment frequency: monthly
    ·         Commission type: life time

    How much does it cost?

    There is no fee or charges to join either the commission or referral affiliate programs.

    How long until I can get started?

    1.       Complete the affiliate registration form

    2.       Once your affiliate application has been accepted, you will receive instructions to choose from a range of images and / or text links to place on your website. These links may also be used in email messages or newsletters.

    3.       Once you select the image or text, simply cut and paste the appropriate code onto your website.

    4.       Please allow up to 7 days for affiliate set up. 

    How to reach us:

    ·         Home Page URL: www.SynergyHair.com
    ·         Affiliate sign up page: store.synergyhair.com/lat_signup.aspx
    ·         Affiliate login page: store.synergyhair.com/lat_signin.aspx

    Do you accept international affiliates?

    Not currently, we only ship within the USA. However we are looking for distributors in other countries. Please contact sales@synergyhair.com if you are interested.